Cam is a long-time resident of South East Calgary and life-long Albertan. He is thrilled to be surrounded by an experienced team of dedicated conservatives focused on defending Albertans, restoring the Alberta advantage, and building a prosperous future for this province that we love.

Cam was raised by his loving family in Spruce Grove, a small town west of Edmonton. He was instilled with family values, unbounded work ethic, and a belief that if you could dream it you could do it. Both of his parents were educators and chose to home-school Cam and his siblings. Parental choice in education is important to Cam, as he was provided with incredible opportunities because of the choices his parents made for him.

In his formative years, Cam worked in his family’s small print shop, and later at the church where his father served as pastor and his mother ran the after-school program. Cam witnessed first hand the struggles small businesses face with increasing red tape and burdensome regulations. It was from these early experiences that Cam learned that the best government is often the government that interferes only when absolutely necessary.

Cam worked in the oil and gas industry after completing high school. He worked through the ups and downs of the ‘patch’ alongside many determined Albertans. He values and will fight for our natural resource based industries, Alberta’s ability to get our product to the world market, and the opportunities our energy sector has provided for so many Albertans. At the same time as he worked in the energy industry Cam studied at SAIT to attain his Rig Technician and Plumbing certification.

In 2014, Cam was asked by hundreds of members to run for the Calgary South East Wildrose Nomination, but after the 2014 floor crossings Cam believed he could accomplish the greatest good in provincial politics by helping the party organize and rebuild. During the 2015 election, Cam was the provincial campaign Co-Chair for the Wildrose Party. He was tasked with targeting every floor crosser and winning their seats back for the party. To the credit of him and his team, not a single floor crosser was re-elected.

Since the last provincial election Cam has worked to elect conservatives in 3 countries, 5 provinces, and across Alberta at all levels of government. Cam currently works for Conservative Party Member of Parliament Stephanie Kusie in Calgary Midnapore. He also served as Jason Kenney’s riding captain for his successful 2017 PC Leadership Campaign.

In Cam’s spare time he enjoys hunting with his Irish Setter Cara, hiking in beautiful Kananaskis, and gardening.

Cam worked on the Unity Project and believes conservatives are stronger when they are united, together. Cam knows that this province has given him opportunities that other places in the world would not be able to offer, and he wants to ensure our children have the same head start that he has enjoyed growing up as an Albertan.

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